So, another week has flown by, fine weather for the time of year, close and humid earlier in the week, a bit cooler now but a decent breeze and hopefully harvesting by Monday.

A progressive week for the horses, many of them stepping up to full work and they are responding well to the increase (behaving […]

30 August 2013|


I seldom burden our runners with the weight of the Trainers own money, only occasionally when I feel one of our runners is wrongly priced and I am sorry to say yesterday was one of those days, needless to say the market was right and King Brex put up another very mediocre effort, he blew […]

25 August 2013|


We run King Brex in the 3.05 at Cartmel tomorrow, 12 run, Kit rides, and the ground looks like being on the soft side of good.  He wasn’t very fit when we ran him two days in a row at Perth at the end of last month, he’s fit now I hope and his work […]

23 August 2013|


Can often be a little stressful, too many fresh horses and I don’t think I’ve ever had quite such an eventful time as Monday this week; a deep sigh of relief when at 12.15 third lot came in and miraculously we had avoided any serious injury to horse or rider, phew. However a minute later […]

21 August 2013|

Back in the saddle (well, not literally, but who knows?)

Here endeth the “blog-peace” – a splendid few days away in the sun, hats off to the team here who have kept the horses moving forward and it was great to be back out working with them yesterday.  Most of the winter horses are now up to a couple of miles trotting and three or […]

18 August 2013|

All quiet..

..on the blogging front, no NH racing up here until Perth in two weeks so I shall probably give everyone a break, busy here now with all the horses doing a lot of steady work, upping the feed all the time, building them up, laying the foundations for the season ahead.  Not much fast work […]

4 August 2013|

Great Plans…

…normally go pear-shaped but yesterday we managed to pull one off with The Paddy Premium winning the 3.25 at Perth yesterday in the race sponsor Alistair Cochrane’s colours, the first of many for them I hope and and a great reception, partly I suspect from part-owner Mark Fleming’s 130 colleagues who were having their office […]

1 August 2013|