A long hack on a fine late September’s morning for the Perth runners, all seem bright and well; an important work morning for the rest and we worked 17 on the grass gallops which were in perfect order, 3 were confined to the all-weather and a couple just had steady canters.

One or two entries for […]

29 September 2012|

Boom boom

Rossini’s Dancer ran out a convincing 15 length winner of the Tim Hardie sponsored Handicap Chase at Perth yesterday to crown an excellent season’s racing at the track.  Despite the extraordinary weather the hard work and dedication of the team there have ensured good competitive racing in front of excellent crowds and I am delighted […]

28 September 2012|

Irony is..

getting soaked from the rain walking the course at Perth and having to dodge the water canon applying extra H2O to the home straight; it has been suggested that my interest in walking the course reflects a distrust of the racecourse’s own going description – far from it, I implicitly trust the management at Perth’s […]

26 September 2012|


A stormy morning and after persevering with the first two lots in conditions verging on unsafe I decided to put third lot on the walker.  Somewhat surprisingly the ground is good to firm at Perth and they are attempting to water the home straight to take out some firmer bits (not easy in a 50mph […]

25 September 2012|

Racing the Storm

on a golden autumn day…… but with a vicious autumn storm moving steadily up the country Kinneston is a busy place this Sunday as the race is on to gather the oats and potatoes.  Nature is playing some funny tricks on us this year and the severity of this storm will determine which horses we […]

23 September 2012|

Wet again?

Cool all week here and wet today as well, another very busy week both in the yard and in the office as we bed down various new systems that will aid efficiency going forward as a bigger operation.  An appreciated afternoon in the office but disappointing to have to spend 18 minutes on the telephone […]

20 September 2012|

Goodbye Tarks

So, a fairly intensive week with plenty of horses doing a lot of work each day, all the varying gallops in action (though grass now on quick side), stubbles available, schooling fences and hurdles all back out and in action.  More of the same to be expected this week, this is when a lot of […]

16 September 2012|

Latest of years..

In a year of extremes the latest of harvests started at Kinneston yesterday and by nightfall 100 acres of barley was secured, it was not without incident as for the first time ever one of The Fife Farmer”s tracked combines sunk, it took two tractors with a combined 390hp to pull it out but as […]

13 September 2012|


Assuming there are actually people who read his blog some of you may have picked up that last week was Mrs A’s 25th wedding anniversary. Lost for a suitable idea for a present she came up with the idea of a  new greenhouse (given that the old one was dilapidated to the extent of being […]

12 September 2012|

We didn’t think…

…  it could get any better, but the great summer of sport just did with Andy Murray securing his first Grand Slam title in the grittiest way imaginable.  Many doubted he had the mettle to win at the highest level but last night he came of age, I am afraid I could only manage the […]

11 September 2012|