Rain, rain, rain

Just keeps pouring down, some are much worse off but it is tiresome.  Still difficult to take in the dreadful news from earlier in the week, so many wonderful tributes but such a terrible waste, its going to be tough for lads in the weighing room at Perth next week but I am sure Campbell […]

29 June 2012|

Darkest of Days

What started off as a normal sort of morning was brought to a shuddering halt with the awful news that Campbell Gillies had died whilst on holiday in Greece.  Campbell was an immensely talented young jockey with his career ahead of him, it is impossibly tragic that it should be cut short in this way […]

26 June 2012|

Little Greece?

DTA link, Imprezza Hello, my name is Nikolai Alessandros and I manage two small businesses.  My state-owned bank has a software problem with the result that all the funds paid in over the past week have failed to be credited to my accounts, whether by post, in-branch, or electronically. Across the two businesses there is […]

26 June 2012|

Summer returns…

The mighty Frankel, improving with age!A glorious morning, what a difference a few days makes, farm sodden on Saturday morning but two fine drying days and all seems well again; forecast pretty reasonable for the week by recent standards.  Wonderful racing at Ascot, so much class and so much drama; somewhat less edifying spectacle at Hexham –  who could have believed they would have […]

25 June 2012|

The Royals…

Very damp this morning but milder and the wind has dropped, going round the horses yesterday evening was unreal, lashing rain and gales, fortunately our turnout fields have plenty of shelter – surrounded by woods with trees overhanging the fields under which they can take cover, amazingly they often choose to graze out in the […]

22 June 2012|

There is a creature…

… in my log-burning stove, very difficult to see what it is through the glass, probably a bird, perhaps a bat, maybe even a rodent, definitely quite scary; needs released but that will be into the office and will present another problem, a quandary, perhaps the moment to ask Mrs A very nicely if she could clean the ash […]

19 June 2012|

At last…

… the sun is shining, after days of interminable rain, wind and drizzle we have a glorious morning with a better forecast for the week ahead, fun in prospect with the two “Royals” – Ascot and Highland – planned for Wed & Thurs, only entries next Sunday at Hexham and a quieter week at last […]

18 June 2012|

Some pictures from first lot at a rainy Kinneston this morning… Sheep sheltering from the weatherThe Paddy Premium and Northern Flame head down for an “extended” third time upAnd scatter the sheep, by going to the bottom of this grass field we can extend the gallop by 2f making it a 5f gallop with a […]

16 June 2012|

Oh summer, where art thou?

Horses a bit wild at early morning feed today, they could feel the storm coming, I am amazed at their sensitivity to imminent weather and it duly arrived mid-morning, heavy rain and strong easterly winds, hard for the horses outside and hard on those that have spent months working hard preparing outdoor summer events.  No […]

15 June 2012|

Summer racing?

A fine sunny morning if a little cool for the time of year but a summer storm looms and if the forecasts are correct Hexham will end up either heavy or abandoned, those in training did plenty of work yesterday and are enjoying a long hack round the farm in the sunshine this morning. Makhzoon […]

14 June 2012|