Balwyllo (Holly) on the riverbank, stable debut 6.15 tonightMuch cooler this morning, 10 degrees as opposed to 20 degrees at 9am yesterday, five cantering on riverbank gallop, 3 off to Hexham, two youngsters in schools, rest on holiday… just as well, evening racing means our lorry won’t be home until approx 1.30am – 9.15pm does seem […]

29 May 2012|

Kelso and on…….

Well, a tricky sort of day at Kelso yesterday, very warm, a few people caught out by the rapidly drying ground and a water crisis admirably resolved by the racecourse staff – all served to remind one that National Hunt horses should really be out in the field at this time of year…… hmm, Goldtrek nearly unshipped […]

28 May 2012|

A little self-indulgence…

…never went amiss. As perfect a morning as I can remember today at Kinneston and I can’t resist sharing a few snaps I took when I was out with second lot….. Back next year…. Noir et Vert Out with Mum, Little Glenshee and veteran mare HarrietfieldThe mares look on with sympathy as Academy (Amy) and The […]

26 May 2012|

And the sun

baked down, astonishing, it’s really, really hot and I can actually see the grass growing; very warm for the horses but they are either languishing in the fields or in nice cool barns.  A routine morning for those still in work, steady canters on the all-weather and the riverbank, copious quantities of cut grass being […]

25 May 2012|


So, back home and the contrast wiht last week is extraordinary, as warm a May week as I can remember succeeds as cold a May week as I can remember, enjoy while it lasts and pressure builds to turn horses away to enjoy a proper flush of spring grass rather than risk one more run […]

24 May 2012|

Homeward bound

Back on train heading home, marginally more civilised so far, lots of horses been turned away to grass, looking forward to seeing them basking in the sun this afternoon, a few working on our all-weather this morning and Balwyllo, Academy, Northern Flame and Commercial Express away for a spin up Lucinda’s wood chip.lucy riding there […]

23 May 2012|


A smooth morning at home prior to departing to catch the “Chairman’s train” to London for 48 hours. Business to do, friends to catch up with and a trip to the Chelsea Flower Show (fish out of water?) a lot of other people on this train are heading to the same show and unfortunately there […]

21 May 2012|

At last…

Lucy Henry on Art Investor… a blissful spring day and now we can move forwards turning horses away for the summer in anticipation of a good week’s weather.  Of course a few need to move on and I am delighted that excellent second careers have been found for Seeking Power and Amulree, both home bred […]

20 May 2012|

The last day……..

Isla Patriot with Gemma, covered in Perth mud …of winter I hope, 6 degrees, freezing rain, snow in the hills and it’s the 18th of May, not much better tomorrow but hope ahead for next week I feel. Routine day either on the all-weather or hacking, time to catch up in the office after a busy […]

18 May 2012|


 Or de Grugy (left) runs loose with Waterski Well, an interesting evening at Perth yesterday, rather too busy for my likeing…….. in the first Cheatingsideoftown put up an improved effort to finish 5th, he seemed to settle much better though did finish tired, a horse to look forward to later in the year, Or […]

17 May 2012|