Northern FlameBright, breezy and cold this morning, the first dusting of snow at the top of the all-weather where most of the horses worked, it has dried out (a bit).  Another trip to Lucinda’s woodchip, this time the turn of Forcefield, Northern Flame and Seeking Power all of whom have important engagements in the next […]

30 November 2011|


Ayr abandoned and very wild here this morning, didn’t stop us taking Isla Pearl Fisher, Here’s to Harry and Buffalo Ballet to Lucinda’s woodchip, all worked well, I love watching the bumper horses develop as they work with a good yardstick like IPF, these two both look pretty decent.  Going on our own gallop changed […]

29 November 2011|


Bright, cool and breezy here today, 21 horses ridden, all seem well, last 7 brought in from grass – forecast pretty rough all week and whilst the horses seem fine it seems kinder to have them in, 4 pensioners and 3 youngsters, that will mean 34 needing breakfast in the morning!  First jumps action of […]

28 November 2011|


As wild a night as I have known last night, gusts of 94mph recorded at local weather station and well over an inch of rain.  There is always a certain amount of trepidation when one heads outside to feed the horses after a night like that but to my amazement there appears to be no […]

27 November 2011|


Filthy morning here, cold, windy & wet.  Not ideal for schooling but with Kit home from Uni for a day needs must and we popped the pointers over the fences and a few over the hurdles, bad ground, but mission accomplished.Capital Venture on a brighter morning!Tomorrow at Newcastle re run Ocarina in the 12.35 and […]

25 November 2011|


Isla PatriotIt’s a blessing that I cut short my career in the City, I could have done a lot of damage judging for my propensity to press the wrong button on the computer, fortunately today it only resulted in Buffalo Ballet being declared by mistake for Musselburgh tomorrow.  He is fit and ready to run well but for a […]

24 November 2011|


Awesome KautoCold and blowy up the all-weather this morning, pleased to be using it though, it has undergone a minor refurbsishment this week and Holly described it as like riding on marshmallows- perfect.  Buffalo Ballet (Holly), The Paddy Premium (Lucy H) and Ocarina (Gemma) after their work on the grass yesterdaycloser inspection of The Paddy Premium […]

23 November 2011|


Sydney CoveFair and mild still here, plenty of schooling and cantering this morning.  Tomorrow we run Sydney Cove in the 3.30 at Sedgefield, 14 run, ground good and Keith Mercer rides – this is a good race for the horse but the soft ground and steep hill sorted out the opposition when he won at […]

21 November 2011|

Mighty, mighty Kauto

Standing in a dank Perthshire wood on a dull November afternoon I was transported to a different place listening to the commentary of Kauto Star’s magnificent victory over the heirs apparent at Haydock yesterday.   Seldom have I felt so overwhelmed with excitement listening to a horserace, no money involved, I don’t know the connections, essentially […]

20 November 2011|

A bigger stage…

Well, after the usual 30 minutes box-walking trainer decides not to send Buffalo Ballet down to Haydock for his debut tomorrow, too far to travel for his first run (“didn’t you know where Haydock was when you entered?” says Mrs A), it was a close decision because he is becoming scary at home, I have […]

18 November 2011|