A little more daylight is always welcome.. is….. the clocks going back, once a year, an extra hour, badly needed after 3 trips to Edinburgh in the previous 24 hours aside from everything else that is going on, impatient though – are those “average speed” cameras that are to plague us for 5 miles […]

31 October 2011|


Who is this taking her first steps onto Kinneston?Half an inch of rain overnight and its back to sodden conditions, only light showers this morning and the horses all worked on the all-weather, new arrivals introduced to horsewalker, Northern Flame and the pointers jumped coloured poles in the school then NF went for a four […]

29 October 2011|


The excessive demand for racing opportunities in the North at present meant that our two intended runners on Sunday were both ballotted out, not a disaster but frustrating for connections, particularly for those involved with Northern Flame who was due to have one more run to help us evaluate whether to continue to run him under rules or try a […]

28 October 2011|

Quiet Thursday

Four FiddlersDry today, a bit cool, a quieter day on the yard with Four Fiddlers and Northern Flame jumping 8 hurdles each ahead of their potential engagements this weekend, most of the rest had a long hack apart from the point-to-pointers who all had their first canter – Massini Man, Commercial Express and Flaming Thistle – all […]

27 October 2011|

Exciting times..

It feels like the week has just begun but Wednesday evening already, oh dear, showery afternoon after a lovely morning but the ground remains sodden after yet more rain yesterday.  Monday was fair and we had a fox control visit from the Fife Foxhounds, luckily my furry friends escaped but good to see the hounds […]

26 October 2011|

Just another Saturday morning..

Some pictures from first lot today..You might call this a water trough, I would call it a bidet…Heading up….and away..Back down…Something’s funny..Ah, the sheep…Seeking Power (Jen)Four FiddlersPapamoaOcarinaForcefield

22 October 2011|

Grimmus Maximus

Describes the weather earlier this morning, low cloud, howling gale and soft but persistent rain, 10 degrees warmer than yesterday but brighter now (well, less dull) and a good morning’s work with Isla Pearl Fisher, Sydney Cove and Here’s to Harry going over to Lucinda’s woodchip (the latter’s first time ever off the farm aged […]

21 October 2011|


First frost of the year winter today after an inch of rain on Monday and some blustery conditions since then, a real joy to be out with the horses this morning in cold crisp sunshine, most worked yesterday so a quietish day lobbing along steadily on the grass for about two miles, all seem relaxed and […]

20 October 2011|

Champions Day

Capital Venture (courtesy of Dennis Penny)An average sort of day at the office yesterday, Capital Venture jumped nicely on his hurdling debut but the tacky ground blunted his cruising speed a little and he finished midfield, he will come on hugely for this experience.  The Paddy Premium’s training had an interupted pattern since his run […]

16 October 2011|

Big big day

Oh dear, British racing’s biggest day tomorrow and the whole thing is being overshadowed by controversy regarding the new whip rules, most unfortunate and now the jockeys are thinking of striking on Monday.  BHA not looking clever, the magnitude of change was such that they should have phased the rules in gradually and this scenario could […]

14 October 2011|