Big Day

The first bale from a new sward of Kinneston haylage
Call me sad but one of the main excitements this morning was unwrapping the first bale of haylage from this year’s crop taken from a new field.  Sown in April 2010, topped in June 2010, intensively grazed by sheep through last autumn, rolled […]

31 August 2011|

Stamina…. ????

Sunday 28th August, Edinburgh, 5.15pm, height of the festival – it’s 9 degrees and raining – the good old Scottish summer draws to a close……. anyway, progressive day with the horses yesterday, won the golf, Lucy was a good 3rd at Redcar and Newcastle beat Fulham 2-1 to go 3rd in the Premiership – lacklustre […]

28 August 2011|


The Paddy Premium on the Riverbank earlier this summer – no dust now!
Busy week, horses all going really well, now doing 3 7f canters on the the riverbank sand gallop combined with steady stuff on the all-weather; weather permitting we will have a 6f round gallop harrowed on the stubble later today, […]

26 August 2011|


A splendid and historic days racing at Perth on Saturday with Royalty blending seamlessly with numerous stag & hen parties, all enjoying perfect weather with some good racing. Another lovely late summer’s day here today, horses have all now had routine examinations from the physio & dentist and have had 4 – 6 weeks of build up work, another […]

22 August 2011|

Early autumn..

Team Photographer
Rather perversely one of the aspects to training horses I enjoy most is feeding them early in the morning, I find it an invaluable part of the process of coming to know the horses and them coming to know me, I often spot subtle changes in their demeanour.  This morning many of […]

19 August 2011|

Pressing on

Full steam ahead now with 15 horses in full work, most of them cantering steadily for 2 -3 miles on the stubble fields each day, no problems with firm ground this year and by all accounts it was rather good timing for Mrs A to have organised the family holiday to Italy last week.  

An […]

17 August 2011|