Ho ho ho

Another inch of snow overnight on top of frozen ground but thaw accelerating today so optimism all-round.  Still very slippy conditions so horses confined to all-weather which improved as the morning went on (rotovated 4 times today!) – they went fairly steady on it but most of them were up 3 times and they seem […]

12 January 2011|


Conditions just won’t let up, an inch of wet slushy snow last night froze this morning to create dangerously slippy conditions, frantic salting required to allow the lorry down the drive to leave for Newcastle; back onto the tractor tonight after a hazardous journey home from the races – crashes everywhere, trunk routes closed because […]

11 January 2011|


Some steady work on a slushy snow covered all-weather this morning, one trot and a couple of canters was all that was possible, at least it’s melting, albeit slowly.We run Seeking Power in the 2.10 at Newcastle tomorrow, 8 run, Lucy rides and he should have a good chance if the forecast rain arrives, if […]

10 January 2011|

well I never..

I can’t believe it, “c’est incroyable,” an expected light dusting of snow turned out to be four inches on Friday night & just about the same again last night, having almost seen the back of the stuff we have heaps of it everywhere again, were it not for a splendidly mild forecast I would be feeling quite glum.  […]

9 January 2011|


Minus 6 this morning and still minus 3 this afternnon, all water bowls and taps frozen again but it’s a dry cold and we were able to open up the all-weather this morning and all the horses (20 now!) exercised on it and in the school, we will work hard on the surface in the […]

7 January 2011|


it was Amulree, Commercial Express and Noir et Vert’s turn to go to the beach; I wasn’t there but they all came back in one piece.  Back here things have dried up a little so we are able to keep the latest frost out of the all-weather and all the other horses exercised on it and […]

6 January 2011|

Back to the beach

Back to the beach today with Almost Blue, Skipping Chapel and Daasij, all fresh and well, particularly Skipping Chapel whose brakes appeared not to work with the result that he visited parts of the Eden estuary seldom visited by non-acquatic creatures…… full of beans afterwards though.  Most of the others worked on the all-weather which continues […]

5 January 2011|

At last..

.. we were racing again, Ayr managed to stage the first jump racing in Scotland since November and the going was on the soft side of good.  We ran Forcefield and Northern Flame on Sunday, the former was having his first outing over hurdles and as we hadn’t managed to do as much schooling as […]

4 January 2011|

Happy New Year..

Four Fiddlers, Seeking Power and Native Coll enjoy Hogmanay at St Andrews .. to everyone, may it be peaceful, happy and prosperous. Sadly the smoked lobster failed the sniff test and ended up in the bin but fresh supplies are promised from the Hebrides, think Mrs A might bave inadvertently fed it to the dog though […]

1 January 2011|