Surf by name…

With conditions here continuing to preclude stronger work we took three horses to the West Sands at St Andrews this morning, they may run at Ayr’s New Year meeting but the forecast makes it look a little unlikely, an away day will have done them the world of good and the plan is for another […]

30 December 2010|

More yuck

The “thaw” is proving agonisingly slow and cold damp fog does little to move things forward or raise the spirits; the entire farm (including most of the all weather gallop) seems to have turned into a giant frozen slab coated with a thin film of slippery sludge, we managed to make a little headway in […]

29 December 2010|

Church on time…

Well, I trust that everyone that bothers to read this has had a happy and peaceful Christmas and that if they chose to attend a Church service that they didn’t suffer the fate of family Alexander who tipped up for the 11am  service on Christmas Day to discover the congregation milling around outside having enjoyed the […]

27 December 2010|

Happy Christmas!

We had the all-weather gallop back in action this morning and all the horses had a 30 minute warm up in the school, then cantered three and a half times up the gallop and warmed down back in the school for 15 minutes, surface not perfect but good enough and they all had a decent workout.  Christmas […]

24 December 2010|

at last

Christmas tree executed at 08.05 am this morning, heaved onto roof of Toyota and Mrs A valiantly stood on the footrails and somehow clung on to the tree and the car whilst I whisked it back down to ensure we were on time for first lot.  Pressure off.  All horses then had a long trot in […]

23 December 2010|

Under pressure…

Back to work in the snow today and all the horses were out for well over an hour covering a lot of ground walking, trotting and cantering steadily.  Underfoot conditions weren’t great but by cutting back to two lots it means they can have a really good long exercise, they seem well and are certainly […]

22 December 2010|


And so, a few days away catching up and celebrating with family in Northumberland and here in Scotland, interspersed with a couple of hours back here on Sunday afternoon to put the new snowplough into action and a sad and poignant farewell to Alan Normile at the service of Thanksgiving for his life in Perth […]

21 December 2010|

All weather alright!

I didn’t think I would ever feel excited to be able to rotovate our all-weather gallop but today an overnight thaw allowed us back on to it for the first time since 27th November, I now of course have to restrain myself from doing too much with them too quickly, however all the horses exercised […]

16 December 2010|


All 16 horses in work had plenty of exercise in the school today, 15 minutes walk, 20 minutes trotting and 5 minutes cantering then 15 minutes to cool down.  Surface was a mixture of snow, slush and cushiontrack – fine really – and its back level tonight in preparation for whatever the weather is going […]

15 December 2010|


Walker yesterday, riding again today, slight frost and still a lot of snow lying around, will start in school & see where we can go from there.Alan Normile’s funeral is in Perth on Monday at noon, he died at a tragically young age (36) on Saturday night.  Alan was diagnosed with cancer in the early spring […]

15 December 2010|