I have a snowplough…

… its been on order from our local farm machinery dealer for the last month, they hope it might be with me by Friday, oh well, it just keeps snowing and we now have  a good 18 inches, all 16 horses in full work trotted half a mile in the deep snow and then […]

30 November 2010|

“oh gallop, where art thou?”

 Some pictures taken here at mid-day on 29th November 2010…. further comment would be superfluous!

29 November 2010|


Driving home late last night I realised conditions were pretty severe but I was still surprised this morning, there was a good 8 inches of snow and it seemed to have blown into every corner of the yard, Seeking Power had about 3 inches in his feed trough, there must have been a blizzard more […]

28 November 2010|

been here before

the “warmest” temperature today was minus 2, not unprecedented for the time of year, I actually took this photograph on the same weekend two years ago.  Blizzards forecast for tomorrow, I’ll be hoping it rains!  Managed to work all the horses this morning on the all-weather today which was fine, they will have a quiet Sunday with an hour […]

27 November 2010|


Well, Newcastle off, Carlisle no chance of being on and I’m in danger of becoming grumpy, we couldn’t go to Lucinda’s this morning because of frost, am hoping to go there tomorrow but snow forecast for tonight, at least our gallop is holding up well and 12 horses worked on it today, the other four […]

26 November 2010|

Deja Vu

the first snowfall of the winter and it’s back onto the tractor first thing to rotovate the school and gallop bringing back not very welcome memories of the slog of battling with the weather last season, stream of texts from the racecourses updating re conditions doesn’t help either and an optimistic update to the owners […]

25 November 2010|


We schooled Seeking Power in a visor (blinkers with a slit at the back to let in light) this morning and it certainly stirred him up a bit, I think he will run wearing this on Saturday and it should just help him travel and maintain his focus throughout the race. Also schooling well over fences were […]

24 November 2010|


Becoming very chilly here, like everywhere else I think, don’t think we will be going to Carlisle on Sunday, metcheck says -13 for Sat night down there, ouch, hopefully Newcastle might squeeze through though, they are already deploying frost covers as it is their big “Fighting Fifth” meeting, we took our 3 intended runners to […]

24 November 2010|

A dark day

Yesterday the Scottish racing world woke to the shocking and tragic news that Peter Monteith appears to have taken his own life on Sunday evening.  Those of us that saw and spoke to him earlier that day at Kelso find this very hard to take in and our thoughts, prayers and deepest condolences go to […]

23 November 2010|


A good run from Four Fiddlers finishing 4th of 15, rain-softened ground just took the edge off his speed but travelled very nicely into the race turning for home.  Delighted with both the weekend runners coming 4th at 50-1, just a shame 4 Fidds wasn’t 3rd!  Seem OK this morning though and both horses to […]

22 November 2010|