Not for nothing…

…is he known as Gormless, off the rails a bit yesterday with a £30 loss to a £10e/w stake, never mind, here we go again for the final day of Glorious Goodwood 2010 – 1.55: If I Were a Boy(93)/ Dromore(89) 2.30: Treadwell(91)/ Critical Moment(91)3.05: Midday(99)/ Stacelita(93)3.40: Jonny Mudball(88)/ Kaldoun Kingdom(85)5.25: Baylini(91)/ Truism(90)

31 July 2010|

Gormless Gord’s Goodwood goes on…

Well, still ahead, £46 to a level £10 e/w yesterday, let’s roll the dice again;2.10: Duncan(98)/ Cavalryman(89)2.45: Red Cape(87)/ We Have a Dream(84)3.25: Mahadee(89)/ Proponent(82)5.15: Jacqueline Quest(97)/ Golden Stream(96)5.45: Little Garcon(90)/ Rule of Nature(82)   Good Luck!

30 July 2010|

Not so Gormless?

Well, we’ll see if he can keep it up but perhaps we have unearthed the Holy Grail – £115 profit to a level £10e/w stake yesterday (or £150 if bets placed on Betfair) – hmm, bound to go pear-shaped soon but here we go again for today at Goodwood -2.10: Solicitor (94)/ Beachfire (91)2.45: Borderlescott (93)/ Triple […]

29 July 2010|

Gormless Gordon’s Goodwood Greats

The gormless one is a little full of himself after yesterday when he managed to return £47.50 to a £10 e/w level stake so I ought to persevere and share today’s selections; 3.25: Canford Cliffs (98)/ Premio Loco (93)4.00: Grey Bunting (89)/ Contract Caterer (88)5.10: Seradim (97)/ Dance East (95)5.45: Oratory (92)/ Rulesn’regulations (90)   […]

28 July 2010|

Back in the groove…(not forgetting Gormless Gordon)

Well, we brought in another four horses from the field yesterday which means that along with the five “fatties” and three newly broken three year olds there will be twelve to ride out each day which is just about right.  I have been slightly amazed at how enthusiastic I have been feeling about starting again, (not […]

27 July 2010|

Sound travels

Do the horses prefer Eminem or the Black-Eyed Peas? I’m not sure but they must be quite baffled by the strange cacophony of sound that floats across Loch Leven late into the night on the second weekend of July every year; it is, of course, T in the Park time again – a Festival that […]

11 July 2010|