Here endeth…

…the 2009/10 jump season, well, it did on Saturday afternoon. There is no doubt it was a tough season, the weather took the heart out of the season really but I can remember setting myself some targets in public in mid-January when I rather optimistically thought the worst of the winter was over. I […]

26 April 2010|

Busy Weekend (I hope..)

Almost Blue galloping in splendid isolation past Scone Palace at Perth yesterday (picture courtesy of Dennis Penny), sadly at the back of the field, it was another lacklustre effort, it may have been the tacky ground but I feel there is something niggling him this season, he will be thoroughly checked out this morning […]

23 April 2010|

Well done Willie

I do take my hat off to Willie Walsh, I think he may come out of this volcanic ash mess as a real hero, he didn’t need to jump into a 747 and head off into the ash cloud to see whether the danger was real or exagerated by the H&S/EU driven mentality of the […]

19 April 2010|


well, I don’t want this to become another weather moan but the last week has been quite extraordinary – blizzards, gales, sunshine and rain – power cuts and some quite extensive damage, not ideal for training horses, hmm, anyway, it’s going to rain again tomorrow and then turn quiet and settled for a while.Today’s […]

5 April 2010|