The Fife Farmer’s tackle as dusk arrives, the final field

In a year of extremes the latest of harvests started at Kinneston yesterday and by nightfall 100 acres of barley was secured, it was not without incident as for the first time ever one of The Fife Farmer”s tracked combines sunk, it took two tractors with a combined 390hp to pull it out but as he said, “it popped out nicely” in the end.  Life must be tough at the sharp end of farming – when I niped down to check progress at 7.15pm I found The Fife Farmer himself driving a tractor, looking very dapper he was in his sleeveless cashmere and chinos, he was in a bit of a hurry, think his tummy must have been rumbling, past gin time of course…

Earlier in the day……… sunk

Cold and fresh this morning, some wild horses as a result and the “fall-off” rate has escalated this week – loose horses definitely raise the Trainer’s blood pressure more than anything but on the other hand one likes to see the horses fresh and strong at this time of year, nearly fit too (I think!).  A quieter day for those that worked yesterday but long steady canters on the riverbank for Academy, Tipsy Dara, Here’s to Harry, Isla Patriot, Spinning Away, King Brex, Little Glenshee and Caught in the Act.  Those schooling over hurdles included Papamoa, Four Fiddlers and for the first time the brothers Buffalo Ballet and Fleet Fox.  I don’t suppose it is very often that two horses out of the same mare jump their first hurdles upside each other, Fleet Fox is for sale at an attractive price given what he is now showing us at home (sorry, vile commerce creeping in).

Fleet Fox (Lucy)

Lucy has been touring the country riding out for a variety of trainers, back home this afternoon but away again on Saturday to ride on the flat at Newcastle,  Namwahjobo in the 3.10 and Shaker Style in the 4.25